Performance Measure Suggestions

Best ways to utilize 5310 Funds- Leave it up to the region!

1) DO NOT LIMIT TRADITIONAL 5310 FUNDS TO CAPITAL ONLY- Open it up to allow operating assistance. Let the non-profits decide whether it is vehicles, or operating assistance needed. Some of the agencies could serve more of the target population if they received operating funds.

2) REMOVE THE MANDATE OF 55% ON TRADITIONAL 5310 FUNDS- In our region, some agencies are requesting AND RECEIVING up to 5 vehicles at a time because it the region IS FORCED to reach the 55% before funding MUCH NEEDED and REGIONALLY PREFERRED New Freedom projects.

3) In our region, non-profits are competing side by side with municipalities for 5310-New Freedom funding. Panel members are torn apart deciding between funding that supports the severely underfunded public transit system and small non-profits who serve a more limited, yet very deserving population. CHANGE THE PROGRAM TO SEPARATE THE FUNDS BETWEEN 5310 (Non-profit) and 5310 (Local Government).



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