Data Collection Recommendations

Data Collection Recommendations

a. Increased geographic service area;


Milwaukee County would be administering Section 5310 funds to the Milwaukee urbanized area – Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties. Milwaukee County will be able to document the geographic service areas that would be covered but several years’ worth of data would be required before documenting statistically sufficient increases.


b. Improved quality of transportation service provided;


As above, improvements in quality of service will require that a statistically significant amount of date be collected before any extrapolations are conceived. Nevertheless, providers should ensure that a high level of service is delivered and penalties should be imposed if they are found to be in violation.


c. Increased hours of service for seniors and people with disabilities;


As with the above responses, the FTA should provide reasonable leeway in requesting/requiring performance data from recipients. It should also be noted that an increase in hours is very subjective as funding recipients may provide general or specific services for example (exclusively to work, community functions or for medical care).


d. Increased ridership (i.e., number of rides as measured by one-way trips); and


Probably the best performance measure for Section 5310 would be by focusing on the ridership and their satisfaction. While it is importation to have the available capital assets and infrastructure, ensuring that it is being utilized effectively is essential to the integrity of the program.


e. Increased accessibility (e.g., increased number of accessible vehicles).


See above.



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