Performance Measure Suggestions

Performance Measure Suggestions

• It is important that subrecipients not be overly burdened with 5310 reporting responsibilities, given that many of them are human services agencies and nonprofit service providers. As such, FTA should coordinate with states and/or designated recipients to shift some of the reporting responsibilities to the state and/or designated recipient as part of program administration. The number of measures reported to FTA by local designated recipients or subrecipients should be limited to three to four.


• FTA should consider allowing the use of the project performance projections from the local competitive selection process in program reporting, as evaluated by the designated recipient or other organization conducting that competitive selection process.


• Measures favoring cost effectiveness can spur innovation on the part of applicants, as demonstrated by the Riverside County TRIPS program. As such, SCAG recommends that cost per passenger trip or cost per passenger mile be considered as a program measure.


• FTA should consider measures for the new integrated New Freedoms program that preserve the intent of serving communities and individuals with severe mobility challenges. SCAG believes that measuring the provision of door-to-door, door-through-door, or a combination of both would help to preserve the “beyond the ADA” intent of the New Freedoms program.



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