Single Unified Reporting

Reporting requirements

Reporting requirements

FTA is considering combining the reporting requirements of Section 5335(c) into a single requirement for recipients of Section 5310, using the National Transit Database (NTD) system. In the Bay Area, and likely in other regions as well, there has been relatively little overlap between the recipients of Section 5310 (and formerly New Freedom) funding, and the recipients of other federal funding sources, (Section 5311 and 5307), who are transit operators. Section 5310 and New Freedom recipients are often nonprofit organizations or local government authorities (cities, counties, etc.) that are not transit operators. Therefore, requiring Section 5310 subrecipients to report through the complex NTD uniform reporting process would likely be a challenge, even if the Section 5310 subrecipients were only required to report on a small portion of the NTD requirements. Instead, the Section 5310 performance measures required by the Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) (i.e., modifications to the geographic coverage of transportation service, the quality of transportation service or service times that increase the availability of transportation services for individuals with disabilities; ridership; accessibility improvements) should be collected annually through a simple reporting process that is separate from the NTD uniform reporting process. Consistent with the old Section 5310 program, recipients should simply submit quantitative and qualitative information available on each of the performance measures with their fourth quarter or annual milestone progress reports.



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