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This is just a commit or a suggestion and not trying to offend

Away We Go Transport is a non profit and we are transporting developmentally disabled with severe medical disabilities. 90 percent of our cliental are non ambulatory. When awarding the large busses it would be great if the organization has say so of the floor plan. We would be able to save 35 miles a day and 2 to 3 hours of a driver each weekday if we could have a floor plan with more wheel chair space as in as many as possible with 2 ambulatory seating and the driver to keep it at 15 to avoid a CDL requirement. Another commit is it seems more and more money's are going to municipalities. They already get millions from the taxpayer in propertytaxes. So I'm thinking the non profit organizations that are putting out the 20 percent cash match and providing a driver and maintaining the vehicles for the weak and poor should get what they are asking for first. Then the municipalities can just get the remaining money in cash and let them get what they really need instead of a certain type of vehicle that a committee says they need.



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